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Once you have slept with the best you have to share with the rest. The Comedy community of Master Hypnotist Ron Stubbs
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June 2018

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 Comedy Show Bio

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PostSubject: Comedy Show Bio   Sat May 01, 2010 1:02 pm

Island Entertainment Group
360-387-1197 office 360-387-6303 fax 206-300-8680 cell
Email: Website www.RonStubbs.Biz

“He’s the Rock Star of Hypnosis”---Backstage Pass Magazine
“2009 Entertainer of the Year”---Hypnotic Edge Magazine
“Voted #2 2009 Funniest Comedian in Washington”---King 5 Television Evening Magazine Poll

If you’re looking for an old fashioned, outdated boring show…well my friends…
This isn’t it.
But if you ARE looking for a modern, fast paced, laugh a minute, mind bending, hell bent for leather excursion thru the inner mind…then you have found the right place. So buckle up tight Sparky and hang on…it can be one wild ride……….

Take two parts outrageously funny entertainment; one part mind opening experience, add ice and shake well and you’ve got an idea of what this show is all about. It’s an instant party just waiting for you to join.
You see, Ron goes beyond the usual “patter” of most hypnotic performers and brings the show to you…

Starting his show with a cheek-hurting-from-laughter standup comedy routine and then exploring the infinite possibilities that the mind can create with an outrageous sense of humor as well providing an unbelievably entertaining show that will be remembered for years where no one leaves embarrassed.

Ok, well almost no one….

Each show is as different and unique as its participants and if you are one of the lucky few to book Ron in your city for multiple shows the attendance only increases each night as those who witness this amazing performance spread the word and return night after night...bringing new friends, fans and fresh crop of witnesses and volunteers...

So ladies and gentlemen; welcome a new breed of hypnotic entertainer: so different that Backstage Pass Magazine has dubbed him “the Rock Star of Hypnosis”.
The Outrageous Rock & Roll Comedy Hypnosis Show comes complete with the sound and lighting effects that you would expect from a full blown rock concert. Add an exceeding liberal dose of intensely insane comedy where the audience becomes the stars of the show and anything can happen…and often does. Take all your preconceived notions of what a hypnosis show is supposed to be and toss them out the window. It’s like nothing you have ever seen before….
That’s because it’s much more than your typical hypnosis show…it’s OUTRAGEOUS….
Our Promise to you
We take great pride in delivering 150% to each and every show we do.
No matter what size audience, venue or situation we believe that each and every client and customer deserves the finest entertainment experience possible.
We place extreme value on our professional relationships and strive to make each experience working with us easy and effortless.
Our work ethic is simple and sincere.
We believe that you, the buyer, deserve respect. We believe that a team is stronger than a single voice.
We will be reliable and honest. We will be prompt and courteous.
Your continued success is our job security.
We look far beyond just one show with you as a client.
We realize that you expect excellent entertainment, true professionalism and we will deliver that with every performance.
References can be supplied upon request----But we invite you to experience it for yourself.
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Comedy Show Bio
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